Video: Pixel-bots to the rescue!

This video is bat-shit crazy, and I mean this with all due respect. It shows someone’s thesis in action. Pixel-bots? Sure, why not.

Here‘s what’s going on, because the video is reasonably abstract:

Each block operates independently as a self-contained unit, and has full mobility, allowing movement across any physical surface. The blocks operate independently of one another, but are aware of the position and role relative to the rest of the system. With this awareness, the blocks are able to coordinate with the other blocks to reconfigure their positioning to form larger display surfaces and forms depending on purpose and function. In this way, the blocks become a physical embodiment of digital media, and act as a vehicle for the physical manifestation of what typically exists only in the virtual space of the screen.

I want Pixel-bots to do my dishes, because man oh man I’m I tired of doing dishes. I need to win the lottery very quickly so I can live in a hotel like Gene Hackman in The Royal Tenenbaums.