Top BitTorrent sites are not afraid of BitStalker

Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and Cox are busy funding some new, super-duper anti-BitTorrent technology called BitStalker. The difference between it and other anti-BitTorrent systems is that it’s said to be accurate. That’s a huge development, actually.

The Man and those sycophant ISPs are sick and tired of punk kids downloading Valley of Neptune, despite the fact that it’s not 2005 anymore, and every kid under the age of 14 already knows how to do so with his eyes closed and while he’s doing his maths homework. To that end, they’ve enlisted the aid of BitStalker, which, unlike older anti-BitTorrent systems, is an active system. It doesn’t just sit back and try to sniff out your packets, but rather goes into there and actively looks. The difference between a “no drugs allowed” sign and a drug-sniffing dog. Worst metaphor ever? I’d say so.

The best part is that, even though this new BitStalker business is supposed to be so much more effective at detecting illegal BitTorrent activity, TorrentLeech spoke to a bunch of top BitTrrent sites (not to be confused with topsites) and found that they’re completely unimpressed with the technology. So while the BitStalker people can claim all sorts of magic claims, the fact is the people who would most likely be affected by it couldn’t give a toss.

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