BoomStartup Gives Utah Its Own Startup Incubator

While California and New York tend to get the most attention as technology hubs, other states are quietly hosting their own vibrant communities around technology and innovation. Utah is one of these states. Utah is home to tech giants Omniture (which was acquired by Adobe for $1.8 billion), Novell, Symantec. And today, Utah is getting its very own startup incubator, BoomStartup, which is a seed capital and mentor-focused investment program for web and software start-ups based in Utah.

Based in Orem, Utah at the Canyon Park Technology Center (the original site of WordPerfect Corporation), BoomStartup is a full-time program that will run from May to August and provides each selected company with seed capital (up to $15,000), mentoring from entrepreneurs and technologists, free office space and resources, and education that takes them through the various steps of getting a tech startup off the ground. For its first rounds, the organization will choose eight startups to participate in the program. Applicants for BoomStartup must have a founding team (two or more individuals) and an idea with a focus on web, mobile, software, and non‐hardware tech. Startups can apply here.

BoomStartup was founded by Utah angel investor John Richards who invested in Omniture. BoomStartup is made up of seven other mentors and investors in the fund. Each investor-mentor has contributed $15,000 in the fund. Investors include Omniture co-founders Josh James and John Pestana, Ralph Yarro, Nobu Mutaguchi, Martin Frey, and Rod Watson.

It’s always great to see investors and former tech executives investing time (and money) in promising startups and ideas. And we are seeing a plethora of innovative startups emerging from a variety of incubators around the country and world, including Y Combinator, TechStars, The Founder Institute, Launchbox Digital and more.

Continued Richards: “This group of investor-mentors has a track record of growing successful businesses and creating innovative technologies. Their expertise and vision will be invaluable to the selected companies, and give them the know how to overcome the obstacles they might confront, whether that be on the business or technological side.”

BoomStartup will host a series of “Meet the Investor-Mentor Days” through the April 12, 2010 deadline; the first will be held Friday, March 12, 2010 at 4 p.m. at the Canyon Park Technology Center, Building J (1401 N. Research Way, Orem, Utah). Investors-Mentors will be on hand to talk with prospective applicants about business, technology and discuss strategies for their businesses.