Strength In Numbers: Canadian Entrepreneurs Flock To The C100

It’s a rare day that I find the opportunity to write about entrepreneurism and Canada in a single post. It’s rarer still that I’m able to do it twice in one day. But apparently today is that day. Earlier today I wrote about changes to Canadian tax law that makes outside investments to Canadian startups less onerous. And now I have the honor of introducing you to The C100, a new Silicon Valley based mentoring and networking organization for Canadian entrepreneurs.

The C100 is the brainchild of Anthony Lee (Altos Ventures) and Chris Albinson (Panorama Capital). There are 250,000 Canadians living in Northern California, Albinson told me earlier today, many of whom are in tech (he and Lee are among them). And they need an organization like TiE, which was originally founded for south Asians, to help them help each other.

The organization will also help Canadian startups and entrepreneurs get a foot in the door in Silicon Valley. Canadian incubators Bootup Labs, FounderFuel and Xtreme Labs are all sponsors of The C100 and will bring Canadians down to Silicon Valley for various networking events.

The C100 has successful charter members who pay $800 to be part of the organization. But general members who are the type of people who will want to get to know the charter members, can join for free, here.