Mini wireless keyboard with touchpad and laser pointer

The promises Brando makes about the “Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard” make it sound like a hug wrapped in hot chocolate wrapped in a puppy. There’s the “dazzling bright LED” backlighting, the world’s first touchpad that can be used in both the horizontal and vertical positions complete with advanced “capacitive sensing technology, comparable to a real notebook touchpad,” and the “innovative design of the navigation keys” that’ll make you “feel the thrill” of being able to play games wirelessly.

And if you’re sitting here thinking that the combination of a keyboard, mouse, and laser pointer would make for the perfect presentational tool, Brando’s got you covered:

“Keyboard, mouse, presenter trinity, three-dimensional presentation, more vivid!”

There’s a lithium ion battery good for an entire “mouth” (yes, mouth) of use, the USB receiver stows into the backside of the remote, and the wireless range apparently reaches up to about 100 feet. It’ll cost you $92 for “iPhone style craft, classic style.”

Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard [Brando]