Thieves use extreme measures to snatch 20 Apple notebooks

The story goes that a group of thieves cut a hole in a Best Buy roof, repelled down, snatched $26k worth of Apple notebooks, and climbed back up. They did all this without touching the floor or setting off any alarms, too. This isn’t the plot of Ocean’s 15 either. This happened for real at the South Brunswick New Jersey location yesterday.

Just imagine the amount of planning it took to pull this off. They had to know the exact location of the goods, along with the type of security employed by the store. They had to know inventory status and what store to hit. I have to admit that I worked out several sophisticated “what-if” burglary schemes in my head during my six years at a Circuit City, but none of them involved rappelling equipment. Maybe I need to think bigger in life.,

“High level of sophistication,” said Detective James Ryan, a police department spokesman. “They never set off any motion sensors. They never touched the floor. They rappelled in and rappelled out.”