Asus wants your network to look fabulous

You’ve been sitting there looking and looking at that horrible little while box that your assistant says is a “wireless rooter” and you are disgusted that this horrible thing has to even be in your house for the Internet let alone somewhere where you can see it. What do you do? You tell your assistant to go down to the Asus store or whatever and get you this beautiful new wireless rudder, the RT-N56U. Look at it, darling! It’s so beautiful! Yes! It’s so thin! Like Kate Moss before she got fat!

Don’t worry yourself with the whys and hows. If you wanted something that looked like a box of crackers, you’d go buy a box of crackers. But you want the RT-N56U! It’s clothes! It’s fashion! It’s beautiful!

Asus also released two more routers that look less like After 8 dinner mints, the ASUS RT-N13U and the AP-N13M, but who cares about those.

via SlashGear