Sears starting to take pre-orders on 3D TVs

Get ready, the 3D revolution will be televised. Sears has started offering pre-order pricing on Samsung’s 3D televisions, with some models expected to be available in stores later this month. Sears is also starting to advertise a Blu-ray player with 3D glasses as well.

Initially, the only televisions available will be the 46 inch and 55 inch versions, with the 46 inch priced at $2,600 and the 55 inch at $3,300. Sears also plans on providing education to shoppers via their online presence and in stores. Apparently there are a few misconceptions out there regarding how 3D television works and that 3D televisions are going to be expensive. However they are doing it, this could be a big win for Sears and Samsung if they can leverage the public consciousness into associating them with the new 3D technology.

[via TWICE]