Fein Energy Crystals turn any drink into an energy drink without altering the taste

For those of you who have sworn off energy drinks because of their syrupy, cough-medicine-y, sugary taste, these new “Fein Energy Crystals” might be more up your alley. They’re pitched as “the world’s first flavor-free caffeine crystal product” and can be added to any drink without altering the taste.

For those of you who have sworn off energy drinks due to semi-serious heart palpitations, irritability, night terrors, and paranoia, you should probably still stay away from this product.

And unlike most energy drinks, Fein appears to be little more than 75 milligrams of caffeine per packet—none of the good stuff like Guarana, Taurine, or the myriad of other magic herbs found in the likes of Red Bull, Monster, and Rock Star.

One final caveat: it looks like the ordering process involves a free 30-day supply for $6.74 which is then re-billed monthly at $20. So you’d better be down for a caffeine subscription.

Full Press Release:

Fein Energy Crystals Create a Stir in the Energy Drink Category

TAMPA, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The world’s first flavor-free caffeine crystal product, Fein, adds a new twist to the $7.9-billion energy drink category: no sugars, no artificial ingredients of any kind, no carbs and no calories. It tastes the same as your favorite beverage. Fein is being introduced through a modified rollout in select markets with a television infomercial and national radio endorsements, announced Stephen Diaco, a management partner for Fein Innovations, LLC.

Revolutionary Fein energy crystals, with the trademark slogan, “Conquer the night, take on the day™,” can be added to any favorite beverage, even water, to make it an energy drink without altering the flavor. Fein’s formula is all-natural caffeine citrate and a suite of secret, 100-percent natural “taste erasers.” It is the only energy drink product to use caffeine citrate as its primary source of caffeine, making it an all-natural, soluble power plant for busy people on the go. Fein delivers 75 mg of caffeine per stick with zero sugar, calories, carbs and artificial ingredients with no taste or aftertaste.

“Fein is the answer for everyone seeking an energy boost with all the flavor and pleasure of their favorite beverage, but without added carbs, calories, sugars and sweeteners,” Mr. Diaco said.

Mr. Diaco said that with imagination, hard work and scientific ingenuity, Fein Innovations, LLC researched 35 generations of product innovation to deliver the energy equivalent of existing 8.4 oz. energy drinks, at a best-available price of less than half a dollar per 0.6 gram serving, about 44 cents. Fein is a non-taxable food product, not a dietary supplement.

Spark Brand, Tampa, Fla., created the two-minute infomercial featuring millionaire-maker Kevin Harrington, infomercial pioneer and panelist on ABC-TV’s “The Shark Tank,” and top-ranked, nationally syndicated radio host, Bubba the Love Sponge®.

Fein is available at www.GetFein.com, or at 1-800-506-FEIN (3346). Select retail outlets and some military bases carry Fein cubes containing 30 servings, and others are being added. Fein is on Facebook and Twitter (@Fein). Fein is not recommended for anyone under age 18, pregnant women or anyone with hypertension. Users should consume no more than 4 Fein sticks in any 24-hour period. Because Fein incites energy, users should not take within five hours of sleep.

Find complete product and scientific information at www.NYNewswire.com/1003/fein