TiVo Premiere hands-on~!

Greetings! Nicholas and Jimin here live from the big TiVo Premiere launch in New York. There was a man guarding the device, which was hidden under a cloak, but when the cloak was lifted, oh dear! The gist: this is a TiVo you’re probably going to want. HD menus (build using Adobe Flash), searching that actually makes sense, a fancy remote control, and other goodness that you wouldn’t mind.

So the UI almost goes without saying: it’s been a long time since you could look at a TiVo and say “Well, that looks good.” It’s built using Adobe Flash, so all of the fancy swoops and swishes you’ve associated with Flash over the years totally applies. I’d almost say Zune HD like, which is a prety big compliment considering what I had to do to get my Zune HD to work.

The remote ain’t too shabby, either. It’s exactly like any slider phone you’ve used in the past few years. The “standard” shape has the normal buttons you’d assoiciate with a remote control: volume up down, channel numbers, etc. Flip it open and it becomes a QWERTY keyboard. So, if you’re hankering to watch Lost, just type “L“ and all the shows you have on the TiVO beginning with “L” pop up: Lost, Leopards Are Fun (on Animal Planet), etc. I have literally sat here for one minute trying to think of shows that begin with “L” and I couldn’t.