'Scuse me guv'nor. You seem to have forgotten your teeth

Everyone considers the airport to be quite the hassle. The waiting, the unpacking, the undressing. But we suffer through it daily for some sort of sense of security. The British though, apparently don’t have that sort of time to waste. A recent study by Airport Parking and Hotels revealed that an alarming array and number of items are left behind by the British jet set.

First and foremost is that 17% of the items in the lost-and-found were gadgets of all sorts. Mobile phones, cameras, MP3 players and the like. It’s painful enough losing your phone, but 4% of the items were passports. Really guys?

At least these guys have a pretty good reputation of returning lost property.

The most interesting items were:

  • A set of false teeth
  • A tube of haemorrhoid cream in a ski boot
  • Fishing rods
  • Ski equipment
  • Wheelchairs

And my personal favorite

  • Crutches & walking sticks

I can’t quite imagine being in such a rush that I run onto a plane without my crutches. Well, I certainly wouldn’t be doing any running at that point.

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