Embargoes II – The Sequel

It’s no secret TechCrunch, like all media outlets has a love hate relationship with the PR industry. Take the guy who just rang me. “Hi, my name is Rob, I want to tell you about a news story.” OH REALLY? How about you say where you are from first? But moving on…

You’ll recall the video we posted on the weekend about another tedious annoyance: The Embargo. The satirical video featured was in fact created by TechCrunch Europe Contributing Editor Steve O’Hear, (@sohear) who has form in this filmaking business, having directed a real documentary, In Search Of The Valley.

Steve is building up a nice line in these movies recreating conversations between PR professionals and bloggers/journalists. We just hope he doesn’t get snapped up by Hollywood or we’ll have to place a want ad.

Here’s Embargoes II.


PR Pro: Hi, I’m just checking you got the voice mail I left

Blogger: When did you leave it?

PR Pro: 5 minutes ago

Blogger: Oh. I get a lot of voice mail.

PR Pro: Shall I leave it again?

Blogger: No. What did it say?

PR Pro: There’s been a slight mix up.

Blogger: Oh

PR Pro: You remember that story I sent you, which was under embargo?

Blogger: The revolutionary real-time location-based augmented reality app for iPhone, that’s going to change the way the world is seen forever?

PR Pro: Yes

Blogger: What about it?

PR Pro: The embargo has been broken.

Blogger: Oh. Fuck.

PR Pro: I’m sorry.

Blogger: By whom?

PR Pro: That mainstream media organization that I can’t name for legal reasons.

Blogger: But that’s not the first time.

PR Pro: I know.

Blogger: I don’t understand. Why do you keep giving that mainstream media organization that I can’t name for legal reasons, news, if they keep breaking the embargo?

PR Pro: Well. They don’t actually break them.

Blogger: They don’t?

PR Pro: No. We just tell you that they do.

Blogger: What do you mean?

PR Pro: Well. We give them the story in advance. Just like you.

Blogger: Great.

PR Pro: But we tell them that they can publish the story whenever they want, while you and everybody else has to honor the embargo.

Blogger: Oh.

PR Pro: Then, when you all have hissy fits because that mainstream media organization that I can’t name for legal reasons has scooped you to the story. We throw a hissy fit too.

Blogger: Great.

PR Pro: And then blame them for breaking the embargo.

Blogger: Which they didn’t?

PR Pro: Right.

Blogger: I still don’t understand.

PR Pro: They wouldn’t cover the story otherwise. It’s called an exclusive.

Blogger: An exclusive. Hmm. I didn’t know that. Thanks.

PR Pro: It’s nothing. Really.