ClickandBuy, the 'European PayPal', lets Facebook users set up shop

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[UK/Germany] ClickandBuy, the ‘European PayPal’, has launched a Facebook app – Buxter – that enables users of the social network to send and receive real money through the site rather than virtual currency, which the company claims as first.

In fact, it’s a little more ambitious than that.

The London and Cologne-based company also wants to become the platform that turns Facebook into an e-commerce marketplace thanks to an associated Facebook-API, meaning that third party developers can create apps that accept payments from users, powered by Buxter.

For individual use (peer-to-peer transactions), users can integrate the app into their own profile and then begin accepting money from other users – although to do so they’ll also need to sign up on ClickandBuy’s website. They can also load up their own “Buxter” E-wallet in Euro or US dollars, currently limited to a maxim of of €50, to begin transferring money to other Facebook users or through apps that support Buxter.

P2P use cases suggested by the company include paying a friend a share of the previous evening’s restaurant bill, giving someone money for their birthday or making a donation in support of a charity.

While users aren’t charged upfront to transfer, receive and request money from other Facebook users via Buxter, ClickandBuy takes a fee of 1.9% (or a hefty min. 2 EUR or 3 USD) when they go to withdraw money from their account. Which is, of course – PayPal-style – how ClickandBuy makes its money on top of any interest gained too.

Oh how I hate money transfer services.

ClickandBuy, founded in 1999, is one of the leading online payment services. The ClickandBuy Group claims to have crossed the billion euro threshold in revenue in 2009. Over 16,000 online traders use ClickandBuy’s e-payment system for their e-commerce, retail, online entertainment, and paid content & services billing, including Apple iTunes, Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, Telefónica, Orange, msn, AOL, Meetic, Parship, Electronic Arts (EA), Codemasters, Napster, McAfee, Panda, AutoScout24, RTL, Playboy, Financial Times Deutschland,, Deutsche Boerse Group, KPMG, Yamaha, Digital River, Redcoon, bonprix.

  • Iain Haywood

    Good luck to them. Some serious competition is what this area needs. If I’m not mistaken, 1.9% is cheaper than paypal, but I’d love to a bit more price-competitiveness…

    • Iain Haywood

      *love to see

  • bruce wayne

    I dont think it will work…..Can we keep a count on how many FB users sign up for a Click and Buy account…..And I think that FB will want to sooner rather than later own the ecommerce transactions that take place on FB….

  • Shaun Deezy

    This is EXACTLY what we need. Lets hope ebay don’t snap them up!

  • Christian

    To correct:
    1. Sending, receiving or requesting money is free of charge. the mentioned 1.9% are only applied if you withdraw money from Buxter to your ClickandBuy account.
    2. You need a ClickandBuy account only if you want to deposit money into your Buxter account or if you want to withdraw money from your Buxter account to the ClickandBuy account.
    So ClickandBuy acts like the payment channel for credit cards, direct debit, real-time money transfer, … – lot of domestic payment schemes Facebook hasn’t yet.

    • Steve O'Hear

      I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what I said?

  • ClickandBuy, the 'European PayPal', lets Facebook users set up shop

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  • Christian

    Steve, the comment was not regarding what you written but the comments. It looked to me that there has been a misunderstanding. Cheers!

  • flo

    Clickandbuy is a scam. Don’t use it. It works when you want to send money but never want you want to receive. They owe money to lots of people. And they have no customer service at all. Google it, you will see. And trust my unfortunate experience with them.

    • Vince


      Everyone, believe what Flo says here! I have been stung by them twice for less than 7 hours now, those frauds charged me about 60 dollars for not even subscribing the one of the websites they are channeling for.

      It is for real everyone, it is a scam company please don’t fall for it, look it up!

  • byron

    Two heads are better
    than one

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