Social Mapping Startup Platial Finds Its Way To The Deadpool

As Google Maps extends its dominance in the social mapping world, mapping startups are having trouble competing. Platial, a Kleiner Perkins-backed social mapping startup, is heading to the deadpool.

Platial, “the people’s atlas,” allowed users to make and share their own maps. Using Google Maps API, Platial let anyone put locations markers over any point on the map they’ve visited and then annotate it with pictures and comments. You could easily embed and share your maps on other sites. In 2007, Platial acquired a competitor in the social mapping space, Frappr. In the blog post announcing Platial’s demise, it wasn’t clear what the exact reason was for the site to close its doors but the startup said it would be updating its blog with details about the shutdown in the near future.

Platial received backing from many notable investors and venture funds. They took $800,000 in angel funding in October 2005 from Kleiner Perkins; Byers, Omidyar Network, Ram Shriram, Georges Harik, Jack Dangermon, and Ron Conway. In February 2007, they raised an additional $2.6 million from Keynote Ventures, with participation from most of the previous investors. We’ve added the startup the deadpool.