Apparently the entire NBA consists of gamers

Kobe Bryant: huge nerd. Granted, he’s probably the best basketball player since Michael Jordan—LeBron would really benefit from winning a ring or two—but if you’re traveling the country armed with a fully portable Xbox 360 and customized PSP, then yeah, you’re a huge nerd. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course.

You’ll recall that the NBA All-Star weekend was a few weeks ago, and the players all got a chance to mingle in various video game lounges. ESPN was there, and discovered that, yeah, a lot of these guys are complete gamers. The Chicago Bulls’ Taj Gibson, for example, listed Final Fantasy as one of his favorite video game series. Now, if Final Fantasy doesn’t scream “huge gamer!” then I don’t know what would.

On the hardware front, you’ll find that Sony gave Chris Paul a PSP emblazoned with his CP3 logo, as seen here.

2K Sports even gave Kobe a briefcase with a built-in Xbox 360. When on the road, he and the guys spend the time playing a little NBA 2K 10.

I haven’t played a 2K Sports game since the original NFL 2K and NBA 2K for the DreamCast—are they any good?

So if you think about it, we’re halfway to being multi-millionaire NBA players. All we need is to be a good nine inches taller and actually posses skills.

via Destructoid