Nexus One for Verizon takes one big step closer to reality, clears the FCC

Google has made it absolutely no secret that the Nexus One is heading to Verizon. They announced it the very same day they announced the T-Mobile version that’s already floating around, and have had it listed as “Coming Soon” ever since.

Alas, neither Google or Verizon is willing to spill the beans on when it’s coming. “Spring 2010!” they say, as if that satiates our desire for mundane details. But wait! There’s good news: the VZW Nexus One just took a huge step toward hitting retail.

Earlier today, a CDMA-friendly Nexus One (model PB99300, where the GSM version is PB99100) successfully fought its way through the FCC’s testing labs. Somewhere out there, there exists a fully functional, Verizon-compatible Nexus One, just waiting to be stuffed in a box and thrown on the shelves. FCC clearance isn’t a surefire indication that a launch is near, but we rarely ever see it more than a month or so before sales begin.

If the CDMA Nexus One launches any time soon, it ought to be Verizon’s first Android phone powered by a 1 Ghz Snapdragon processor. Excited? You should be.

FCC Clearance Doc: