Motorola hard hat computer concept

“Look, honey! There’s a cyborg up on the telephone pole outside. Should we invite it in for some motor oil and finger sandwiches or do you think it’d try to kill us? Whup. Wait. It’s a repair man. Cyborgs don’t have butt cracks. That’s how you can tell. False alarm. Should we invite him in for some coffee and finger sandwiches or do you think he’d try to kill us?”

Designed with the mobile field worker of the future in mind, Motorola’s second-generation Kopin Golden-i wearable computer concept features a head mounted display with an 800×600 resolution that’s meant to replicate a 15-inch screen.

The customized Windows CE interface is controlled using a combination of speech recognition and motion sensing, and it’s all powered by a 600MHz Texas Instruments CPU and an eight-hour battery. You use voice controls to launch programs and then can pan your head around to navigate maps or schematic drawings, for instance.

It’s still a concept at this point but, as the above video shows, seems to work fairly well.

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