Petit Petit touchscreen app: Interesting four-dimensional contact management tool

This strange app is a touchscreen interface that connects people, places, and things using “clouds” of items and people. It basically makes Venn diagrams of your contacts and allows you to share and explore content and messages.

This looks way too weird for the average user but clearly someone out there may want to move Sven and Nikola to a timeline and figure out which emails came from each person and which emails overlap.

The text input system is actually quite cool, however, because it predicts the words you’re about to type. Pop over to 4 minutes in to see how that system works.

This sort of interface is obviously the future, but in some cases I think we gain more in complexity than we bargained for.

You can sign up for the beta right here. It’s apparently already available on the Android marketplace if you want to give it a go.

via NetbookNews