Brightcove and Ooyala duke it out for Europe's video market

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Recently a war has broken out in Europe about who will power online video for media owners. The two main players tussling it out are both from the US: Ooyala and Brightcove.

Last month Ooyala, a provider of video platform applications and services, and the UK’s Telegraph Media Group signed an agreement for Ooyala to power online video on the publisher’s websites and co-develop new technologies.

Today Ooyala is partnering with Middle East based social media platform developer H2O New Media, giving it distribution rights to Ooyala’s video platform, Backlot. It wil be used to stream video content from the growing Middle East television and media sector.

But (also today) Brightcove is fighting back.

It’s announced a new phase of expansion in Europe with major Spanish customers for its platform in Spain.

These include Tuenti, Grupo Vocento, Sony Music Spain, Conde Nast Digital Spain, Grupo V, GEC, GX Magazine and TQMadrid. It’s also signing strategic partnerships and technology collaborations with 24/7 Real Media, Adobe, Atos Origin, Eyeblaster, Preview Networks Spain and Smartclip.

Brightcove has also now fully-localized its platform for Spanish speaking customers, including the whole back-end management system.

Prior to this Brightcove has already serviced Grupo Godo’s La Vanguardia, the highest-circulation daily newspaper based in Barcelona.

  • Dave

    Our startup is looking for video upload, flash conversion and then playback options, if anyone has any good suggestions please get in touch. I get the impression that these enterprise-level guys would be too expensive for us.

    We’re looking at everything from Vzaar to panda stream and many others.

    • Bill Gash


      Ooyala’s Backlot online video platform is currently used by many smaller businesses on a ‘self serve’ basis. This lets you get started really quickly and take advantage of its great features, paying for usage with a credit card, if you wish. You can open a free trial demo account here then find out what sort of account will suit you best. Good Luck!

      • Kamande Kamau

        Its surprising that nobody has mentioned
        an open source platform and just as capable.
        I first tried Ooyala free trail ,they sent a questionnaire
        like how many videos do you have “o” zero(not projected)-sent it with a request for price i never go reply from them-this is arrogance .There other players who will embrace startups, vZAAR,Panda today released their beta testing Hosted service.

    • Chris

      Hi Dave,

      Brightcove offers Express packages starting at $99/mo. – no annual commitment.

      See an overview here:

    • Paul

      Or if you want a more affordable solution that scales with your business, you should go with Warp. Plans start at $19.00 per month, check them out here:

      • Sriraj

        Does anyone know what Ooyala means?
        If the founders of the company have any Indian connection, then Ooyala means ‘Swing’.
        I don’t know if it has any English meaning..

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  • MikeM

    They are both really just trying to move into territory currently dominated by KIT Digital, based in Prague with more than 14 offices Worldwide.

    KIT Digital is the largest OVP in operation and is traded on the NASDAQ, ticker symbol KITD.

    • Lupe

      Isn’t KIT the company where failed startups go to die?

      • MikeM

        Unfortunately Lupe do to the lack of proper journalism in the online video sector that might be the prevailing attitude.

        The facts lead to a different conclusion. KITD grew by 105% YOY based on Q3 numbers from 2009.

        They forecast $75 mil. for 2010 and clearly dominate share in the EU, MENA and Latin America.
        On Dec, 3 2009 they signed Spain’s Vivocom, also in December they signed Sao Paulo based Latin Stock. The announce deals all the time but you don’t read about it here or NewTeeVee or anywhere else but Yahoo! message boards, sadly.

        They also bought the FeedRoom last quarter to add to their growong list of US based clients.

        Poke your head out and look around Lupe there is more to this sector than Brightcove and Ooyala.

      • MikeM

        “Forrester Research analyst Bobby Tulsiani’s Wave Report ”

        That report was flawed in so far as the limited breadth of companies covered.
        Ooyala should be careful not to trot that piece of work out.

  • Steve

    Dave – Ooyala is not at all expensive for what you get, if you need to stream good quality video from your site and make money sign up for Ooyala free trial

  • Tom

    I have to say this is a very limited overview of the European Video Market. We just did an analysis of this market and there are many more providers with a strong footprint in Europe.

    Especially the San Francisco based Video Platform Kyte is very successful and offers from our view the most advanced product portfolio. You should include them in future reports about video in Europe.

    • Mike Butcher

      Last I checked Kyte was not considered the kind of solution newspaper publishers go for. I could of course be wrong.

  • Chris

    I heard is a great company that is not very expensive. Great customer service, not pushy like the rest of the bunch out there

  • KirkP

    Dave- My company, Sorenson Media, offers plans starting @ $99/mo. and we provide an affordable, high-quality, easy to use solution. We’ve been a leader in video compression technology for 15 years and licensed our codec technology to companies such as Apple & Adobe. We can help your start up in several ways: we can easily integrate into your e-learning solution (looks great btw) via our APIs and do things like provide client-side flash encoding for student/faculty-generated content, upload, and return the player embed code directly into your solution- completely automated. We’re a full end-to-end solution from encoding to delivery so there is a lot more we can provide. I suggest checking out our free trial-it takes just a couple of minutes to get up and running. You can learn more about our solutions and access the free trial here:

    Best of luck with your new company & solution!

  • Bill Gash


    This discussion just underlines how crowded and confusing the market for online video platforms has become.

    So we were delighted by Forrester Research analyst Bobby Tulsiani’s Wave Report published in November 2009 that concluded the choice is far more simple. You can download a free copy of his study here

    If you’re in the business of making video a business then you’ll appreciate his conclusion that Ooyala has the edge over the rest of the field for analytics and monetisation, as well the overall breadth of features offered in Backlot.

    Enjoy it.


    • Joseph

      If Ooyala has signed with H2O New Media in the Middle East then I think Brightcove can probably kiss that MENA market goodbye. H2O do most of the digital media consultancy and vendor selections for most of the big media and events companies out here. They also have the ear of most of the digital agencies so I think Ooyala have pulled off a coup. They also own most of the social community platforms here so it looks like those platforms will be having a lot of video content any time soon.

  • Video 1o1

    Mike: I appreciate your update on the video industry, as far too few people do write updates!!

    But in my humble opinion: saying Ooyala is competing with BrightCove is a bit like saying Cuil is in competition with Google…

    • MikeM

      I would never suggest Ooyala is in the same league as BC but Forrester sure did.

  • spellcheck

    “Brightcove has also now fully-localized its platform for Spanish speaking customers, including the whole back-end management sustem.”

    SUSTEM must have been underlined red when you submitted this post.

    Attention to detail on TC is getting worse.

  • Kris


    For a comprehensive and unbiased interactive directory of 74 Online Video Platforms visit We offer detailed descriptions and feature sets, side by side comparisons, user reviews, and news about all the OVPs. We can help you find the best OVP for your needs.


  • Bismarck Lepe

    Mike, thank you for the article, it was a fun read. Although, Ooyala is competing with Brightcove on deals (as are other companies like Kaltura, the Platform, Unicorn Media and even Kyte), BC is still the biggest OVP in terms of customers and revenue. KIT digital may do more in revenue, but if you read their 10K and 10Q, you’ll see that over half comes from none OVP business that can be attributed to their acquisition of Visual Connections in 2008. I think all of the OVPs owe a lot of their success to Brightcove, the Feedroom, Maven and even Roo Networks because these companies educated media and non-media companies on the importance of online video distribution. But, as is true in most industries, timing is everything, and the companies that have survived are now seeing quite an uptick in business. 2009 was a great year for Ooyala and 2010 is already looking to be even better. Companies that buy from us buy because of how our real-time analytics and monetization tools can help them increase engagement and revenue opportunities. ( We don’t win all of the deals against Brightcove, but I can tell you that in 2010, we’re batting better than 500. It’s still early in our space and we believe the video industry can actually support several large players.

    And on a slightly less serious note, if BC is interested in a little more head-to-head competition, how about a game of basketball at NAB, we’ll have a big group out there. :-)

  • Maher

    Hi Dave,

    I believe we have exactly what you are looking for. Our product is specifically designed for businesses like yours not large media companies. Check it out on


  • led display
  • Ian J Snead

    Kris at VidCompare is right to point you towards his useful comparison site as the online video is a busy and confusing space at times. That’s why at vzaar we like to ask of our users, what is your number one goal for your video content? Is it to monetize the content, is it to sell a product or service or is to educate your viewers, is it to provide content at the lowest cost possible? Knowing the answer to that will make choosing a solution that much easier.

    Certainly if you are looking to monetize your video content then we’d recommend the likes of Brightcove or Ooyala as they have the tools that will enable you to derive value from your content so long as you have the volume of visitors and views.

    If however you are a smaller business, agency or publisher then perhaps its more about affordability and ease of use and that’s where we think some of the smaller players such as, or, can offer the space a worthy choice of options.

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  • Mike Harrop


    (Yawn is an early-warning system for discussions where no one heard of UX).

  • MikeM

    Neither Brightcove or Ooyala are at CABSAT this week.

    The largest industry trades show in MENA and they could not set up a booth?

    KIT digital is there as they should be considering they own the MENA market.

    • Teo

      Mike – I went – people mulling around empty stands so i came home again. CABSAT is making the most of You Tube on its website though – the two videos really make the site for me. Sorry couldn’t help being cheeky. Its a digital media conference that did not use digital / social media. This is no word of a lie I only found out it was on by picking up a fax registration invite from my in tray.

      I know that the Ooyala guys will be in Dubai next week including the CTO – If you want to get to speak with them i think my boss is setting up a get together next week. Just email steve AT if you want to meet the guys.

      I know our team at H2O have big plans for Ooyala and i think its an excellent product that has great integration and monetization potential for any client, its monetization clients want.


      Senior Developer
      H2O New Media

  • MikeM

    Something really creepy. as soon as I posted the info on CABSAT I got a spam email from Brightcove titled
    “Brightcove Express customer examples”

    Does BC have access to TechCrunch’s commenters email somehow?
    Quite a coincidence.

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