Photos: The birth of an HTC Legend unibody aluminum shell

Just last week, HTC announced the Legend. As the epic name implies, it’s essentially the “Hero 2“; its got the jutting chin, the rounded corners, and HTC’s software signatures all over it. The primary difference, outside of a minor (but still worthwhile) hardware spec bump, is the design of the body; carved from a single block of aluminum, it’s ridiculously light weight, super strong, and drop dead gorgeous.

While we somehow managed to over look it whilst roaming (almost absurdly) huge halls of Mobile World Congress, our buddies at MobileBurn spotted a display case showing off examples of the unibody shell as it steps through the manufacturing process.

Alas, there weren’t any nice little placards detailing the trip from point A to point B. I wouldn’t worry too much; even if there were placards, they’d probably all just read “Lasers.”

Check out MobileBurn’s gallery here.