PRW-5000: Casio updates its Protrek sports watch line

Back in February 2009, we reported about Casio adding the PRX-2000T to its Protrek series of watches for sports and trekking enthusiasts. And today, about one year later, Casio announced [JP] the Protrek PRW-5000/PRW-5000T, which at $630 ($780 for the 5000T) is considerably cheaper than its $1,000 predecessor. (These are the Japanese street prices.)

The new Protrek model is the first that features Casio’s “Tough Movement” functions, i. e. “Tough Solar” (a small solar panel enabling the watches to recharge when they are exposed to light) or “Multiband 6” (time calibration signals from six stations (two in Japan/one each in the USA, Germany, China and the UK). There’s also a digital compass, altimeter, barometer, and thermometer.

Casio Japan says they will start selling both the Protrek PRW-5000 (resin band) and the 5000T (titanium/pictured above) on March 1. The company will produce 3,000 units monthly.