The Concord C1 Code Chrono: This means something

Concord moved from a relative stalwart to one of the hippest watch brands on the planet. They’re new lines got a little too wonky for me but I’m actually quite interested by this new model, the C1 Code. It’s basically a standard chrono, nothing special, but it has a code engraved on it that suggests this bugger may have come from outer space in the pouch of a leatherhead.

Perpetuelle has the specs:

Key specs: Case Black PVD steel, 44 mm diameter, 3.3 mm sapphire crystal, anti-reflective on both sides, mathematical formulae engraved in the crystal, PVD steel and black rubber crown, Water-resistant to 200 m, Black carbon fibre dial

BFD, right? The engraving is intruiging, however. I’d like to know more but, unlike the mysteries of mathematics and cryptography, Concord’s web presence sucks.