Sony Ericsson Drunk On 'UGC' After Everyone Else Has Moved On

Can good old fashioned User-Generated Content help shift handsets? Sony Ericsson apparently thinks so.

The handset maker has announced a new web service called Creations, its “vision for the future of mobile entertainment”, based on something the company is calling ‘co-creation’.

Basically, it’s a content sharing site – sorry, a “movement” (I kid you not, this is their word) – in which users can upload, “remix” and publish content to and from their mobile phones and the desktop, all distributed under a Creative Commons license.

It’s an idea that might have seemed credible a few years ago but in 2010 it appears as if Sony Ericsson has got a little too drunk on the web 2.0 cool aid after just about everybody else has left the party. Either that or the company’s leadership have turned to the scriptures of Lawrence Lessig in the hope of clawing back marketshare.