LED Laser Fingers! Finally!

Oh snap, my main man! I’ve been waiting on LED Laser Fingers for disco get down. Hot dog! Give me your dials, pretty lady. Let’s talk, why not?! Hot for party!

Okay you guys, for real. Here’s the score. You get eight “multi colored mini lights that can shoot beams of light out from your hand” for just a little over $8. Don’t worry about your thumbs. This is a fingers-only affair.

Chinavasion says,

“You can use these to enliven many activities including:

Clubbing and Raves

Poetry Slams

Sporting events (support your team in the home color!)


Walking, jogging, hiking or bicycling

Bedroom exercises

Holiday parties


Just about anywhere you want to show off your glow!”

Poetry slams – yes! Bedroom exercises – yum! Clubbing and raves – oots! oots! oots!

Better stock up, though, as the batteries are only good “for one or two nights of partying.” As such, Chinavasion encourages “customers to buy in multiples of 8, it helps to keep the party going strong!”

LED Laser Fingers [Chinavasion.com]