Keyboard has A through Z layout and built in LOL buttons

Why learn to actually use a keyboard nowadays? It’s all ROFL, LMAO, RTFM, TLDR, and GFY anyway. In that spirit — or in the spirit of helping “hunt ‘n peck typists or novices and young beginners,” according to the product description – the $23 Fast Finger keyboard makes the complicated QWERTY layout and difficulty of typing 3-4 letter acronyms a thing of the past.

Your favorite short-hand all stars are here: ASAP, BRB, BTW, CYA, FYI, HOAS, HRU, IMO, L8R, LOL, THX, and TTYL. Apparently HOAS means “hold on a second.” I had no idea.

Once you’re ready to graduate to real typing, the QWERTY layout exists on the keyboard in smaller red letters. Although you might be able to make the argument that not learning the QWERTY way in the first place would probably find new typists sticking with the A to Z way forever. Whatever the case, everyone eventually learns some form of LOL.

[Fast Finger Keyboards via Kotaku]