Buzzzy beats Google to a search engine for Google Buzz

In the same way that Summize created a realtime search engine for Twitter, Buzzzy, which just launched, is a realtime search engine for Google Buzz. Though whether it gets aquired, as Summize did by Twitter, remains to be seen. Twitter did not have a search engine. Google Buzz however…

For now it appears (stop me if I’m wrong) to be the first search engine for Google Buzz and the founders plan to launch a search API later in the week.

The guys who put this together come from the same outfit that brought us TwitJobSearch, a job search engine for Twitter which is fast becoming the new hot way to find a job in these recessionary times. WorkDigital applies semantic search tools to search engine data to build actionable intelligence an example of which is TwitJobSearch. And the semantic search tech that powers this will be applied to Buzzzy next.

William Fischer of tells me that in order for them to apply their own semantic search layer to Buzzes they needed access to a general Buzz search tool. Since no search API existed for Buzz they built one.

He thinks other developers will be interested in building products on top of their search product.

I tried out Buzzy and it does indeed do what it says on the tin, indexing Buzz from items from Google Reader, Twitter, FriendFeed and Buzz itself.