Buzzzy beats Google to a search engine for Google Buzz

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In the same way that Summize created a realtime search engine for Twitter, Buzzzy, which just launched, is a realtime search engine for Google Buzz. Though whether it gets aquired, as Summize did by Twitter, remains to be seen. Twitter did not have a search engine. Google Buzz however…

For now it appears (stop me if I’m wrong) to be the first search engine for Google Buzz and the founders plan to launch a search API later in the week.

The guys who put this together come from the same outfit that brought us TwitJobSearch, a job search engine for Twitter which is fast becoming the new hot way to find a job in these recessionary times. WorkDigital applies semantic search tools to search engine data to build actionable intelligence an example of which is TwitJobSearch. And the semantic search tech that powers this will be applied to Buzzzy next.

William Fischer of tells me that in order for them to apply their own semantic search layer to Buzzes they needed access to a general Buzz search tool. Since no search API existed for Buzz they built one.

He thinks other developers will be interested in building products on top of their search product.

I tried out Buzzy and it does indeed do what it says on the tin, indexing Buzz from items from Google Reader, Twitter, FriendFeed and Buzz itself.

  • igniman

    can’t you just use the search box to search on buzz?

    • Leif Andersen

      Other than the API, I agree with igniman, what happened to the search box at the top of gmail?

    • victoria

      Nah, but maybe there’ll be an API for that in the future. Reasons to use it:

      • etai

        check out this :
        see what your friends are doing in google buzz ..

  • rutherford

    is it difficult to envision a standardised search api that sites wanting to open up their content create hooks for to allow any service to index it?

    there seems to be a lot of reinvention of the search wheel getting funding these days – Google won the search war, the next step is standardisation surely?

  • BuzzPal

    Interesting. Mike. Maybe that’s what I should do with or Or sell or license one my many other “Buzz” domain names I own, from and to and Seriously :) Anyone interested, let me know:

    • igniman


    • drigbye

      if anyone’s interested.

  • bill fischer

    There is basic search functionality in the Buzz App but one needs to be a Buzz user to get at it, there are very limited filtering options, and one can’t build products on top of it.

    It is the Search API aspect of what we’re building that we think makes this product interesting.

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  • matt

    this is pretty sick.

  • joe

    buzz launched with a search engine. the gmail search box automatically switches context. completely wrong headline

  • John

    Is this ads for ?

    And there is some grondbreaking other than marketing the domain name?

    Sigh.. if this is true technology..

  • Marius Corici

    this is just… i don’t even know how to named… less than Google (which by far is just a simple generic engine). I tried to find an “iPod 8gb v2 $80” it told me “Ooops. We did not find any buzzes matching your search.”


    * Make sure all words are spelled correctly.
    * Try different keywords.
    * Try a less specific search.


    is this a joke search engine?

    • matt

      well if no one was/is talking about your particular search then it’s not going to show up. is this a joke reply?

      • Marius Corici

        “recruitment and general classified channels”

        this it stand write into “About” so i did aspect to find this kind of classified or no one put such classified? (ipod 8gb v2 $80 )

    • will

      are you taking the piss?

      it clearly isnt that kind of search engine and since when did google become a “simple generic engine”?

  • Article Directory

    This is true. Once the API is release, your going to see alot of other 3rd party peeps jumping all over it

  • Paul

    [/slow montonous golf ripple]

    The contempt you show for your readers is heartening.

  • etai

    Check what I am building , a mini search engine for your buzzes , you can search by dates , any user , even when not logged to Google..
    new feature , search keyword in results ..

  • Alan Green

    Do you want dynamic web pages presenting relevant content based on behavioral targeting -> Be part of the Beta

  • Travis

    OK, I’m stopping you because you are, in fact, wrong. There is a search built-in to buzz, it’s right at the top of the page.

    I don’t quite understand why if you had doubt that you may be wrong you wouldn’t have even bothered to go look at buzz. It would have taken, what, 5 seconds?

    • mr

      I agree, there is a search build in but you need to be logged in in order to use it, plus you must to have an account first, plus buzzzy offers different relevancy.

      Its like argue against using twitter web vs tweetdeck client or vice versa… there are always different approaches which can bring some benefits depends what you need and what you like…

    • JC

      Buzzzy has filters not available in the Google Buzz search engine. For instance you can filter content shred only by Google Reader or Friendfeed.

      Also even if you had a Google Buzz account, you could never extract sufficient data yourself to actually build an app on top of it. Now, in theory, you can.

  • Shyam Kapur

    Congrats to Buzzzy. I will try them out. For searching social media, my current favorite is TipTop

  • Will

    This is about as transparent a roulette game as it gets. This company will either die (when Google creates its own search engine for buzz) or get bought by Google. But Google doesn’t usually buy things that it can easily build….

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  • jacobian

    wow it’s a nice search I can search what happening in google buzz.thanks for creating the search engine then. :-)

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  • Frank

    You can just type the following into Gmail to search buzzes: label:buzz your keywords here

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