First Round, Betaworks, And Angels Back Up Backupify With $900K

You backup the data on your computer. Why not backup your data on the Web? That’s the basic premise of Backupify, a startup based in Louisville, Kentucky that backs up all your data on services like Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Flickr, WordPress, Blogger, and YouTube.

Backupify, which was launched last June, just closed a $900,000 seed round of funding led by First Round Capital. Other investors included General Catalyst, Betaworks, as well as angel investors Chris Sacca, Jason Calacanis, Andy Swan, and Bob Saunders. (Disclosure: Calacanis is our partner in putting together TechCrunch50). Prior to this round, the company raised $125,000 in seed capital last summer from HubSpot co-founder Dharmesh Shah (who is also a co-founder of Backupify) and other angels.

The service itself all runs on Amazon Web services and is free for up to one gigabyte of data. In other words, Backupify is a cloud computing service that backs up other cloud computing services. About 60,000 consumers have signed up so far through word of mouth.  Twitter, Facebook, and Gmail are the three most popular services customers choose to backup. It keeps all the raw data for you and creates a downloadable PDF with, for instance, all your Tweets, direct messages, followers, people you follow, and profile info.

CEO Rob May, who is a former blogger (he started the Business Pundit before selling it in 2008), plans to charge consumers $5/month or $50/year for up to 10 GB of data backup. He also wants to get into backups for businesses, and will charge them different rates. Corporations that need email backups for compliance reasons now also need backups of Twitter and Facebook accounts if they are used for marketing, recruiting or other business purposes. He is also going to add more business-oriented services such as online accounting apps to Backupify’s menu of options. It offers Google Docs and Gmail today.

The company probably will be moving soon from Kentucky, says May.