Sagem Cosyphone with NFC technology is perfect for granny and gramps

We’re so caught up with fancy gizmos and gadgets that it’s easy to forget about our elders; technology has a place in their lives, too. While Sagem is busy catering to the youth with its Puma phone, it also kept grandma and grandpa in mind with the Cosyphone.

There are plenty of dumbphones out there with giant buttons for the folks who spoiled us more than our own parents did, but the Cosyphone takes things a bit further. With the NFC, or near-field communications, technology, menu items can be accessed without scrolling and navigating so much. From the looks of things, it looks like this is done by buttons located around the phone that work as shortcuts to the most used functions of the phone. Thierry Buffenoir, CEO of Sagem Wireless says:

Everything about the Cosyphone is centered around comfort and simplicity, from the shape, weight and display of the device to the user interface and charger cradle. We have integrated the latest NFC technology to enable users to customize how they access the features they require from a mobile device. Despite such a wide variety of devices on the market, with an aging population in Europe there is an opportunity for a simple, effective connected lifestyle device which makes life easier. Cosyphone fills this gap in the market.

The next time you’re jonesin’ for the latest and greatest, don’t forget about your grandmother. Snap one of these up and I’m sure she’ll be thrilled to have someone to talk to when gramps is busy being a curmudgeon.

[via Unwired View]