Microsoft Turtle and Pure deets are revealed

With the huge announcement of Windows Phone 7 out of the way, we’re anticipating what was rumored about another Microsoft phone last week: news about a project Pink revival. Before Microsoft can say anything officially, however, the folks over at WMExperts have unearthed some gritty details about the coming phones.

The Turtle, pictured above, is a GSM handset but its CDMA counterpart is named Pride. Both versions feature a 320 x 240 resolution screen and, obviously, a slide-out QWERTY  keyboard. Judging by the phone and screen size as well as its resolution, this may be an enry-level phone, but it’s said that it will incorporate some serious social networking features and media.

Microsoft’s Pure may be somewhat of a successor to the Sidekick, whose reputation is now slightly tarnished due to what could be remembered as the Danger Server Fiasco of 2009. Its CDMA counterpart is called Lion and both devices have a 480 x 320 screen along with what looks to be a comfortable QWERTY keyboard.

All of these handsets are allegedly strongly tied to NVIDIA’s Tegra system and are constantly referred to as “Premium Mobile Experiences” throughout the documents that revealed these morsels of information. Hopefully we’ll get a lot more from Microsoft regarding these new handsets as Mobile World Congress pushes along.

[via WMExperts]