Celebrate Valentine's Day with SteelSeries + Jinx loot

Rumor has it that today is Valentine’s Day. Better check Techmeme to be sure. While I’ll be celebrating by watching Atletico Madrid v. Barcelona later on, alone, you may not be so boring. The point is—there is a point, as hard as that may be to believe—that SteelSeries and Jinx would like to help you make the best of what may be a very awkward day for many of you, or us, as it were—as it is. The professional gaming accessory company and the nerdy t-shirt company (not that there’s anything wrong with that) have put together a little contest where you can walk away with SteelSeries + Jinx loot. Makes sense. Cupid descends, shoots an arrow through your heart, then steals your wallet.

So here’s the deal: you need to post a photograph of yourself on SteelSeries’ FaceBook fan page showing you with a sad face. The gimmick is that the person (well, one gentleman and one lady) with the saddest, most lovelorn look about them wins a small mint. La dolce vita!

The prizes are as follows:

Gentlemen can win:

SteelSeries Siberia v2 (Red)
8 Bit X-Ray T-Shirt
Will You Be Mine T-Shirt
Side Hack Flexfit Hat
Ink Blot T-Shirt
Sorcery and Technology T-Shirt

Ladies can win:

SteelSeries iron.lady Ikari Laser Bundle
Will You Be Mine Women’s Tee
I Love my Gamer Women’s Tee
Username Password Boy Brief Panties
Ink Blot T-Shirt
Sorcery and Technology T-Shirt

Keep in mind that this isn’t a CrunchGear contest, but something that SteelSeries and Jinx have put together; don’t yell at us if you’re not picked.

The contest runs through Monday, February 15 (tomorrow!) at 11:59pm CST.