Google Has Another Oprah Moment, Gives A Free Nexus One To Everyone At TED

This year’s TED conference is in full swing, bringing with it the usual complaints from people who aren’t going and the often thinly veiled boasts from those who are. And it looks like the 1,500 fortunate people in attendance are getting a nice bonus on top of their days mingling with some of the world’s brightest minds: Google is giving all of them a free unlocked Nexus One.

Of course, many of the people in attendance are well off and don’t need Google to give them a phone. But it’s a pretty brilliant idea: many of them are also very influential, and there are plenty of various company executives in attendance.

This isn’t Google’s first Oprah Moment — last year it handed out HTC Magic phones to everyone attending its I/O developer conference.

Here’s a good pair of tweets by Wil Shipley describing the announcement: