Finally! A color changing LED shower head that includes a remote control

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The long wait is finally over, friends. While color-changing LED showerheads are nothing new, there’s finally one with a remote control included.

Chinavasion sells the product and asks the question we’d all ask sooner or later:

Who needs an LED shower head with a remote control? Everyone! Why shower under one color when you can have a constant color show? Have the lights randomly fade from one color to another or even quickly jumpshow between colors. Of course, you can always just leave it in its standard operating mode as an RGB temperature detecting shower head, the choice is yours!!

So the answer is everyone. Everyone needs an LED shower head with a remote control. Of course if you opt to shower without the laser light show, the shower head will still change colors as the water warms up: green, then blue, then red, then flashing red (for super hot showers). Why green comes before blue, I don’t know. Who needs an LED shower head with a remote control? Oh, right. Everyone. I forgot already.

LED Color Changing Shower Head with Remote [Chinavasion]

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