PUMA to announce a sports-centric, solar powered cell phone next week

Update: We’ve now got a picture of it.

We’ve known since around October of last year that PUMA was working on a branded phone with Sagem (the same folks who make the Porsche-branded phones) – but outside of the fact that it was in the works, there wasn’t much else known about it.

PUMA just put up a teaser site for the phone, but it’s just that: a teaser site. Its got plenty of cute animals, but it doesn’t say much of anything about the phone – at least, not directly. Fortunately, a quick peek inside the source code unveiled a bunch of details that they likely didn’t want out just yet.

Heres the bit we pulled from the source code:

Welcome to the PUMA PHONE website. The PUMA PHONE is a connected lifestyle device with sport and lifestyle functionalities such as PUMA Icon Messaging (Puma Language), Solarmeter (Solar Cell), Photo Sharing, GPS tracker, Bike Tracker, Run Tracker, Video Chat, Pedometer, Stopwatch, Music Turntable. It is also a connected handset that embraces the PUMA Community (PUMA on Facebook, PUMA on Twitter, PUMA on YouTube, PUMA on Flickr) and gives you access to the PUMA WORLD (Football, Motorsport, golf, sailing, running latest news), to PUMA Products and to specific PUMA Applications and Games.

What we can gather from that

  • It’ll be called the “PUMA PHONE”
  • As the PUMA brand implies, it’ll be aimed at sporty folks with a feature-set to match.
  • It has a solar cell built-in, presumably for charging the phone
  • GPS
  • Video Chat
  • Bike/Run tracking applications
  • Pedometer (Step counter)
  • Built-in stopwatch
  • A “Music Turntable”
  • Sports news app, IM app, and various other PUMA-branded apps which “give you access to the PUMA world”

According to the teaser page’s countdown, the PUMA Phone should be launching in 6 days. What a coincidence, that’s right in the middle of Mobile World Congress!

Update: We’ve now got a picture of it.

[Thanks to ElectricPig for the heads up that the page was live]