Haircut Umbrella: Embarrass your kids without making a mess

This kid looks miserable and he’s getting paid to be in this product shot. Imagine how your own kid will look when you strap this dog cone from hell around his neck and fire up the clippers.

After the haircut’s all done, just leave the $8 “Haircut Umbrella” in place and serve up lunch.

“Eat like a pig, Billy! Pigs live in their own filth, too! Here, have some more goulash!”

Got the flu? Haircut Umbrella. Runny nose? Haircut Umbrella. Compulsive drooling? Haircut Umbrella. The possibilities are endless.

And look! It’s “great for kids or adults.” Get a Haircut Umbrella for every member of your family. With the money you save on haircuts, napkins, and Kleenex, the thing practically pays for itself after a single use.

Available for $8 from Taylor Gifts.