Facebook Mobile Hits 100 Million Users, Growing Faster Than On Desktops

For years, one of the most popular ways to access Facebook has been from mobile phones. The company has done quite a bit to make this possible, offering everything from SMS messaging functionality to web-based mobile sites and native applications for most smartphone platforms. Today, the company has announced that 100 million Facebook users are tapping into these mobile services, up from 65 million users last September.

Of course, Facebook has grown by over a hundred million members since the last milestone, so this increase isn’t a big surprise. But mobile growth seems to be accelerating even faster than Facebook is acquiring new members — Facebook had 65 million mobile users in September, and less than a week later announced that it had hit 300 million total active users (in other words, around 21.7% of users were using Facebook mobile). Now they have 100 million of 400 million total users tapping into the site from their mobile phones, or around 25%.

Facebook’s post notes that the mobile websites m.facebook.com and touch.facebook.com (which is optimized for smartphones like the iPhone) have been redesigned. And that the site routinely handles text messages from 80 operators across 32 countries worldwide.