Belkin outs new Laptop Cooling Pad

Hey there, Hot Thighs. Got an uncomfortably warm laptop there, Hot Thighs? Listen, Hot Thighs, I saw that Belkin’s coming out with a new Laptop Cooling Pad and I thought of you. I was like, “Who’s the perfect candidate for a laptop cooler? Oh, doi. Hot Thighs.”

Don’t just assume this is some crap cooling pad, Hot Thighs. According to Belkin, it’s “proven to cool better than others on the market.” And there’s a patent-pending AirFlow Wing. And a patented wave design. And a single fan design powered via USB. And you can fit up to a 15.4-inch thigh-scorching laptop. All for an MSRP of $30 when it comes out in April.

Available for pre-order on Amazon for $25. Amazon took one look at the MSRP and immediately went to the beat of its own drummer. Just like you, Hot Thighs.

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