T-Mobile isn't ready to touch your trackballs just yet

If you’ve been camping outside of your local T-Mobile store ever since word first got out that they’d be replacing busted trackballs on a handful of BlackBerry models, you should probably run to the store and grab some more supplies. Looks like things have been pushed back a few days.

According to TmoNews, the trackball replacement program has been pushed back to February 24th, 9 days after it was originally expected to launch.

Why the delay? According to details from T-Mobile’s intranet, RIM has decided to replace the tweezers in the ball replacement kit with a specialized tool they call a “spudger”. Wikipedia defines a spudger as a “wiring [tool] used for poking or adjusting small wires or components, generally in the electronics or telecommunications industries”, while I define it as “an awesome name for the totally killer rock band I’ll eventually create”.