China shuts down pretty darn big hacking Web site

Much has been written about China and “hackers” in recent weeks, probably because it contains two items that sound mysterious and scary: China and its rise, which unsettles people who believe the U.S. should run the planet, full stop, and “hacking.” Oh, scary hackers! Anyhow, here’s another story! A rather large Web site, one allegedly offering software for hacking, has been shut down. The site, Black Hawk Safety Net, was once located at, but all you get now a bad request.

The site was run by three people, who have now been arrested. The site had 12,000 subscribers, and generated some $1 million in revenue.

The crazy thing is that all of this went down in November of last year, but it was only just announced.

This is the part where I mention that China is home to plenty of “hackers,” but the country’s authorities have been sorta lax in cracking down.

You’ll note that this is also a problem, if that’s the word to year, in Eastern Europe, where there’s plenty of computing talent, but not necessarily enough legitimate outlets to funnel said talent.

In other hacker news, I’m eagerly awaing my first shipment of Club Mate, popularized here in the U.S. by 2600 magazine.