You probably need this $600k HP datacenter

I can think of so many valid reasons why you need this massive 10 rack HP datacenter: Folding@home, downloading torrents, compiling your homemade videos, backing up your precious ROMs and so on. Just stick it in the backyard and you’ll be good to go. What’s that? $600k only gets you the enclosure and not the blade servers? Oh, well. Maybe you don’t need it after all.

The $600,000 price tag also doesn’t include IT support so you’ll likely need to hire a couple of 14-year old high school rejects to manage the servers. In fact they could probably hang-out in the 20ft x 8ft x 8ft enclosure has it has hookups for air and water. Interested? Expect delivery in about six weeks after you obtain a second mortgage on your home and place your order. [HP via MaximumPC]