turns Twitter into a real-time translation dictionary

[Germany], the wiki-style language portal, has created a Twitter app that effectively turns the microblogging service into a real-time translation dictionary.

The Hamburg-based startup says that the idea was suggested by users, which seems appropriate given the crowdsourced nature of itself.

The way it works is that you follow dictionary on Twitter (@babladict). You can send a tweet in the form of an @ mention with the word you want translated and what language to and from. So, for example, I asked for the word ‘hello’ to be translated into French, a good test since even someone as bilingually challenged as me knows the answer.

And here’s what I got back:

Pretty neat, huh. says its Twitter app enables users to access millions of translations in 14 different languages. All of the data comes from its user-driven language portal which offers free access to bilingual dictionaries, vocabulary lessons, language quizzes, and language games. The wiki-style model lets users contribute content and give feedback. was founded in 2007 by Dr. Andreas Schroeter, Dr. Thomas Schroeter and Patrick Uecker.