World of Warcraft headphones get pricing, details

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Creative is finally giving up some details on the World of Warcraft headset that they showed off at BlizzCon and CES. The price is a bit higher then we’d all like, with an MSRP of $159.99 for the wireless version, and $119.99 for the wired version. They do look cool though, I like the choice between the Horde and Alliance artwork lit up on the sides.

I tried these out at CES for a few minutes, and they have a good feel to them. Sound quality is acceptable for general computer and gaming use, but they definitely aren’t audiophile level. Given the amount of time spent on a raid, I think I’d probably recommend going for the wired version, instead of the wireless. The wireless version does use a rechargeable battery, and according to Creative you can charge it while using the headset. Of course, we don’t have an actual release date yet, but you can pre-order them on Amazon. MSRP on the wireless version is $159.99, and the wired version is $119.99. For the Horde!

From the press release:

Sound Blaster World of Warcraft Wireless Headset Features
• Two sets of interchangeable headset lenses with 16 million color LEDs, featuring Horde and Alliance artwork
• Custom World of Warcraft-themed voice presets that allow you to alter the way you sound to other players
• Interface software designed to look and feel similar to the in-game interface
• Advanced uncompressed wireless technology
• THX TruStudio PC™ audio technology — the result of years of collective experience and research by Creative and THX, which delivers the fullest audio experience for games, movies and music
• Works on PC and Mac
• Cushioned earpads and light, flexible headband reduce listening fatigue during intensive gaming
• Rechargeable battery, recharges even while in use

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