Nexus One slated to arrive in AT&T 3G flavor

When the Google Nexus One was announced early last month, Android fans went giddy with excitement, especially since there is an option to buy it unlocked. The only downside was that if you wanted 3G service, you were limited to T-Mobile’s decent, but smaller network. AT&T users are still out of luck and limited to EDGE speeds on the handset, but according to documents filed at the FCC, the Nexus One will support the 3G bands used in North America. That means AT&T, Rogers, Bell and Telus customers can enjoy the Nexus One in all its glory (whenever the Canadians manage to get their hands on the device).

If you’re at the point where you’re about to break down and accept suffering with EDGE, hold out just a little longer. We all knew it would be inevitable, but a Nexus One with WCDMA I, II and V (2100, 1900 and 850 respectively) should be coming sooner than later.