EA to re-launch FIFA Online in the West, bumps up the engine to FIFA 10's

So EA is bringing FIFA Online to Western countries. It’s been available in Asia for a couple years now, and players from other parts of the world will get to join in on the fun. Oh, the game: it’s a free, online version of FIFA that you play on your PC.

The game, currently based on the FIFA 07 engine, but will be bumped up to FIFA 10, goes into open beta in June, just in time for the World Cup in South Africa, which Spain will win.

It’s kinda like an entry-level version of EA’s popular football game. So entry-level, in fact, that there’s a mouse-control scheme that eliminates the need for a proper controller. (I can’t even imagine playing the game with a keyboard.)

I’m a Pro Evolution Soccer man myself, so excuse my lack of enthusiasm. And even then, you can only play so many matches in a row before you’re like, “Eh, sandwich time.”