Archos 7 Android tablet specs leak out

Archos has tablets too, you guys. Let’s not forget about Archos. Whether or not the company purposely let details of the 7-inch “ARCHOS 7 Android” tablet slip out on a product page of an online retailer in the UK (that page has now been removed), you’ve got to admit that the timing is interesting.

Whatever the case, the Archos 7 Android tablet looks similar to the already-available Archos 5. You’ll get a bigger touchscreen, of course, but the 800×480 resolution has remained the same.

According to

“Differences form the current A5 IT include a user-facing webcam, a DC charger, a sliding and locking on-off switch, either dual speakers or a microphone that is no longer situated right next to the speaker as on the A5 IT and of course the 7″ screen.

Software changes also appear to be in store for the Archos Media Center app. Song lyrics support is new and the addition of the high-quality APE codec will please audiophiles.

Still no hardware buttons, so this does not look like it will meet the current guidelines for Google Experience apps (Market, Maps, Gmail, etc.). Does Archos know something we don’t about Google changing it’s mind? It seems they’re still betting on Google changing their minds and relaxing hardware standards to let the A7 (and the A5) Android models get in on the Google App goodness.”

An 8GB model was apparently up for pre-order on the UK site but, again, it’s since been taken down. Pricing was reported as £149.99 ($242) with an availability date of March. The Archos 5 Internet Tablet is currently available in the 8GB capacity for $250 here in the US, so it’d stand to reason that the 7-inch version would be at least that much when it comes out.

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