FunMail's Picture Messaging App Launches On Android

FunMobility’s picture messaging app for the iPhone, called FunMail, has a seen a fair amount of traction, with 100,000 downloads since its launch in November. Today, the developers are rolling out a similar app for Android phones. You can access the app here.

Similar to the iPhone app, FunMail for Android allows users blasts their text into the application, which then breaks down whatever the user typed for context. FunMail’s learning technology “Media Brain” will return a handful of context-related graphics (pulled from Creative Commons sources and their own user-generated library), with your original text. The user picks the graphic they want, and off it goes via SMS, Facebook, or Twitter. In addition, FunMail leverage’s Google’s voice-recognition and transcription technology, enabling consumers to turn spoken messages into images that can be shared.

The service is free to the users but FunMail plans to monetize via partnerships (though its unclear what those partnerships will be). Considering the decent amount of downloads of the iPhone app, the Android app could be popular. And the app’s ability to leverage the phone’s transcription and voice-recognition technologies makes FunMail even more compelling. The iPhone app, which you can download here, has also received an upgrade, with new content and performance enhancements.