Dave Morin Leaves Facebook, To Launch New Startup With Napster Creator Shawn Fanning

Long time Facebook employee Dave Morin (pictured left), an early member of the team that led the launch of Facebook Platform and Facebook Connect, is leaving the company today, we’ve confirmed. He’s starting a new company with Napster creator Shawn Fanning. Fanning sold his most recent startup, Rupture, to EA in early 2008.

What we don’t know is what that startup will do, and it isn’t likely Morin or Fanning will be saying anytime soon. In a phone call this morning, all Morin would say is that they’ll be building Facebook Connect into the product.

Morin was previously at Apple, where he met and partnered with Facebook. He eventually left Apple to join Facebook in 2006. At the time Facebook had just 10 million users. Today, it has over 350 million users.

Morin’s personal blog is at davemorin.tumblr.com. I’d expect him to announce this shortly.

A Facebook spokesperson tells us that Morin is leaving on good terms and that “we’re excited to be working with him on the other side as a member of the developer community.”

Update: Here’s Dave’s personal announcement.