CrunchDeals: One plane in salvage condition, small bird strike to the engines, some water damage.

That’s right: you can own the plane that “Sully” Sullenberger dropped ever-so-gently into the Hudson on January 15, 2009, a little over a year ago. It looks like it’s still in pretty good condition – maybe it would make a nice playhouse for the kids? – with most of the gear intact.

The plane is out in Jersey somewhere, but you can probably just rent a Zipcar at Ikea in Elizabeth and drive it home, probably down the Pennsylvania turnpike. Also, how is this for understatement:

Description of Accident: Aircraft suffered severe bird strike event resulting in water emergency landing.
Description of Damage: Severe water damage throughout airframe. Impact damage to underside of aircraft.

“Severe water damage,” in my book, means what happened in Lost. It doesn’t mean a safe landing on one of the busiest waterways in America.

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