European Mobile Startups in 2010 – Barcelona 17 Feb, at Mobile World Congress

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During the 2010 GSM World Mobile Congress, TechCrunch Europe will be returning to Barcelona for yet another interactive and live-video-streamed session featuring some of the most innovative and interesting mobile startups and investors in Europe.

We are releasing a limited number of early bird tickets now – please go here to get yours!

To submit your idea for a speech/presentation, apply to be a panelist, or apply to pitch your startup please contact editorial via email.

To enquire about sponsorship opportunities only contact Petra(@)

  • Brian Benenhaley

    What a great time of year to hold this event. Looking forward to going

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  • Our Barcelona correspondent -Tom Hayton will be at MWC2010! «

    […] the 2010 GSM World Mobile Congress, our lovely video sponsors TechCrunch Europe will be returning to Barcelona for yet another interactive and live-video-streamed session […]

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