BillShrink Now Helps Businesses Improve Their Bottom Line

With the previous turmoil in the economy, small businesses are facing a tougher credit market as lending stalls and credit is tight. BillShrink, the startup that looks to help consumers save money across verticals including cell phones, credit cards, and savings accounts, has launched a new a customized feature tailored to give business owners the best credit card options. The startup will be also be offering advice in the areas of wireless service and CDs and savings accounts in the future.

Navigating the credit world can be different for small businesses in terms of needs and BillShrink is hoping to help small businesses find the best credit card that matches their requirements. BillShrink has added more than 45 of the most popular small business credit cards to its system in order to provide businesses with a diverse set of options.

This is the startup’s first step in offering money-saving advice specifically tailored for businesses as opposed to consumers. BillShrink recently announced that it has grown to 1 million members since its launch in April 2008 and has found “$1 billion in savings on everyday bills”. BillShrink has been gradually rolling out its cost saving services to consumers over the last year and a half. The site kicked off with support for finding the cheapest cell phone plan in 2008. Since then it has expanded to include a service for picking the best credit card, saving money on gas, and choosing the best saving account or CD. Most users are interested in the wireless service though, in part because of a marketing push from T-Mobile.