Baby crying again? Find out why with Cry Translator. If you want, no one's forcing you or anything like that.


Crying baby? There’s an App for that! (Boo!) It’s called Cry Translator, and it takes the various shouts and screams of your baby and “translates” them to proper language.

The App, which costs $17.99 $29.99 (sorry, got Pounds and Dollars mixed up), is the brainchild of a Spanish doctor.

Anyhow, this all works because researchers have pretty much figured out what a baby’s crying means. Turns out there’s five types of cries—and these cries are the same across all of humanity, from Texas to Japan, from Portugal to Indonesia—and they indicate whether or not the baby is hungry, tired, stressed, bored, or annoyed. I did not know that.

The App claims to be 96 percent accurate.

Anyone in the audience have a baby they can try this on?

via The Sun